There are many amazing pediatric cancer charities out there, but Jokes4Miles is not a charity. We are a privately funded, innovative cancer organization that provides laughter, comfort and guidance to families facing cancer.



Through our interactive website, team of professional filmmakers and The CHICAGO MAC, we've created a welcoming and unique community for children who spend more time in a hospital room than on a playground.

Our Work

We provide content for children facing cancer, their families, and other members of the cancer community. Our work ranges from caregiver tips, private tours, customized joke campaigns and promotional videos, all free of charge!

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Choose Your Monkey

Tell a joke or a well wish to one of our super monkeys; we'll label and send it. Learn more about them below.

Rosie Colluci

Rosie is a 12-year-old girl from Illinois who suffers from NF1 and brain tumors. She loves social events and helping others.

Zeke Dixon

Zeke is a six-year-old boy from Portland, Oregon facing Luekemia. He loves super-heroes and stuffed animals.

Austin Munoz

Austin is a 25-year-old from Phoenix, AZ who beat childhood cancer five years ago. He enjoys sports and comedy shows.

Beckett Ryba

Beckett was diagnosed with a benign but inoperable brain tumor when he was one year old. Now seven, he continues to face his battle head on.

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To submit a joke or well wish, click the "Record Your Video" button to launch the camera application. Once the camera is live and you are ready, click record. Look directly into the camera and tell your joke. You can also tell a generic joke or a well wish for all the super monkeys to enjoy.

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We do not solicit or accept monetary donations.

SUPPORT OUR CAUSE! Our programs are underwritten through the sale of Jokes4Miles merchandise.

"Jokes4Miles is inclusive and empowering, allowing anyone in the global community to help a child facing cancer with a few simple words."

- Jeremy Caplan, Co-Founder